Spirulina Granulate Shrimp Food


A high quality herbivore feed. Ideal for shrimp and other aquatic herbivores.

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This is a complete food containing all the essentials for algae-eating fish such as otos, plecos, some shrimp, mollies and much much more. 

The food floats and gradually falls in layers, to aim to feed the whole tank equally.

Analysis Size Protein 37 %  Fat 6.0 %  Crude fibre 1.8 %  Ash 10.1 %

Vitamin A 25.000 IU/kg Vitamin D3 1.750 IU/kg Vitamin E 220 mg/kg Vitamin C (stable) 330 mg/kg


Weight N/A

1kg, 400g, 200g, 50g


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